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                                      Court Construction

Court Construction begins with clearing the area of trees, stumps, sod, and boulders. We then level the area by digging out or adding fill, depending on the elevation of the site. We then install retaining walls and drainage if necessary. We will prepare the base for concrete with 8" of 3/4" compacted gravel. We will then install anchors and sleeves for hoops, lighting, rebounders and ball containment. After the base is prepared, the court area is framed out with lumber to hold the concrete. Rebar is then installed throughout court area using 3/8" or 1/2" rebar in a 24" square grid, depending on the size of the court. 4000 psi concrete is then poured 4" to 6" thick, depending once again, on the court size. Components are installed and your Sport Court surface is laid over the concrete. Lines for multiple sports are then painted on the surface to complete the court.          

                                       Before                                   After                                                            Before                                  After

                                      Before                                  After                                                             Before                                    After

                            Before                                                                              During                                                                                After