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Pro Slam System
Our Center Court Tennis lights feature a 1000 watt metal halide bulb and is available with single, double or triple fixtures. This high quality units are designed to be wired for 240v and above.
Single/Double head fixtures.
Height: 22ft
Set your net for tennis, badminton, men’s or women’s volleyball, and adjust easily and quickly between activities. For larger courts, we can install separate net poles for regulation play. One net can provide many uses on any court size. Perfect for that summer BBQ or a competitive match.
Collegiate Slam System
Solid Slam System
No more running after tennis balls or stray pucks. Sport Court custom fencing, uses a soft-fence netting that delivers years of attractive protection for your court. Black powder-coated steel members, and black netting are unobtrusive, keeping the game in play without ruining your neighbors’ sight lines.

Our Collegiate line provides the same quality construction, tempered glass backboard, and ease of operation as the Pro, but with a slightly smaller configuration. The backboard measures 60" across, with a solid 5" pole, and a 36" overhang, giving you the features you desire at a lower price.

        Fun Packs

Everything you need to play every sport you can imagine. Sport Court fun packs come with balls, rackets and all the gear to maximize play on your court.

The Master fun pack includes a weatherproof, heavy-duty container.
Our Pro line of basketball systems incorporates the highest-quality manufacturing standards with the best features in the industry. The secure in-ground anchor system and 6" powder-coated steel pole foundation cuts down on vibration and torque, and the 72" tempered-glass backboard delivers superior ball response and feel. 36" and 48" extension arms available.

Rebounder systems can be integrated into your ball containment or stand-alone fencing, providing individual practice opportunities for soccer, tennis, baseball, and basketball. Target lines can be configured into a strike zone, tennis net, soccer goal, or you can practice your no-look passes into the springy ball-return netting.

    Lighting Systems

Our new 1000-watt single-fixture metal halide system provides enough lighting for a typical (1500 S.F.) backyard court.
Single head fixture.
Custom arms available.
Height: 17ft
        Tennis Light                                                    Court Light
Net Systems

Our Solid line is fixed at 10 feet with either a 42"x 72" or 42" x 60" backboard and Professional Flex Rim (Pads and Breakaway Rim are optional)
        Ball Containment                  Multi-Nets and Goals                     Rebounder