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Why Sport Court?

                                   Why Sport Court?

Since 1974, Sport Court has been the leader in building custom backyard game courts, as well as the innovative force in the development of multi-sport indoor flooring. Although we’ve seen a few competitors pop up in recent years, Sport Court’s modular sports flooring continues to be THE STANDARD against which other surfaces try to measure themselves. Our competitors make all kinds of claims about their products, but Sport Court backs up our performance claims with data and with independent research.

World’s Largest Court Builder™
We can build your dream court, with the largest and most experienced network of Dealers, many of whom have been building backyard Game Courts and gymnasiums for over 30 years
To date, we have built courts for over 100,000 satisfied customers, with thousands added every year. (There’s no doubt that’s more than all of our competitors combined!)

Best-in-Class Products
Safety and performance for your children—no modular surface in the world out-performs PowerGameTM, our premium outdoor surface, in traction, low skin abrasion, and shock absorption. Even our other more value oriented modular products consistently remain the leaders in their class.
Sport Court is the only ISO-9001 certified sports flooring manufacturer, demonstrating our commitment to our customers and to quality.

We’ll Be Here
We stand behind our products with superior service and warranty coverage. Other companies may offer a warranty—but will they even be around to support their commitments or handle any issues?
We’re in your community—our Dealers live, work, and serve in your area. Some companies may try to sell direct from a factory somewhere, but our local Dealers take care of you and your court for as long as you own it.

In-House Engineering and Manufacturing
Sport Court maintains a full staff of qualified engineers, who constantly test and improve our processes and our products. We test and prove each product we offer, and rely on the input and expertise of outside laboratories to confirm our results.
Some of our competitors sub-contract the manufacture of their products—but we make all our own sports flooring at our plant here in the USA in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Affiliations and Relationships
Sport Court has been chosen for use by more of the world’s sports organizations than all other modular surfacing companies combined! These endorsements and selections as “official surface” or “exclusive supplier” can’t be purchased – they are earned through our performance, our quality and our steadfast customer support. Just a few of our valued affiliations include the NCAA, USA Volleyball, USTA, US Soccer Foundation, and FIBA (the world’s governing body for basketball) because of our commitment to sport and to products that improve the lives and safety of athletes everywhere.
Sport Court has been a FIBA Study Center partner since 1994 and has had an approved surface for indoor and outdoor basketball competition for all of those 16 years. No other modular court manufacturer has FIBA approval, professional basketball league experience, and ISO certification for quality.
Put your trust in the company that more families and more athletes the world over have put their faith in—

A Word on Performance and Testing Claims
Sport Court has been building backyard game courts for over 35 years, yet some “copycat” competitors now claim they’re “just as good as Sport Court”. Several claim a history of experience in this industry that is just not supported by the facts. Here are some things to consider:

Experience – A Legacy of ExcellenceExperience Excellence
Sport Court was incorporated in 1974 with its sole focus on sports—most of our competitors have been in business less than 10 years, and some of those have only a side-interest in sports flooring. With over 100,000 courts built by our experienced network, no one else even comes close!

Testing Standards
Some of our competitors like to ‘mix and match’—using one set of test results to compare to the criteria from a completely different test—like measuring a temperature in Fahrenheit and then applying it to a Centigrade scale! Either they just don’t understand testing, or they’re trying to confuse customers. Sport Court uses independent, third-party labs to prove the claims we make, using industry accepted test methods.

Safety – The Head Impact Criterion
ASTM F1292 is a test that measures the likelihood of head injury from a fall. PowerGameTM—our premium outdoor surface—achieves a 25” rating on this test, (as compared to 2” for concrete). No other modular flooring product does better, with many being less than half! If someone else claims better numbers (like the 44% force reduction we recently saw claimed), ask to see their official test results from an independent laboratory.

Traction – Co-Efficient of Friction
ASTM E303 is the most accurate test of traction for our market since it is a dynamic test; i.e. It measures traction for a moving object. (Sounds reasonable for a sports surface!). This test doesn’t establish a specific “pass/fail” range, but many organizations (such as OSHA and ADA) use results from this test to set their own standards for slip resistance. Most of them accept .50 as an acceptable ‘score’ under dry conditions; some consider .60 to be acceptable. Sport Court’s PowerGameTM beats all competition with a rating of .80. The key here is consistency—be wary of competitors using one test, then applying results or ranges from a different one (i.e. Fº vs Cº ), and be especially cautious if a competitor makes any claim about “wet” traction. When surfaces get wet, traction will be compromised, and no lab test can predict how slippery things will get in actual use due to many variables. Trying to sell customers that a sports surface is great in “wet” traction is downright dangerous!

Abrasion – Saving Your Skin
Our development and patents for PowerGameTM in 2004 revolutionized the outdoor sports flooring business, by virtually eliminating the danger of skin abrasion from falls. Prior to that, we used rough texture, or raised ‘braids’ on the surface to create traction; unfortunately this also made it highly abrasive – a technique still used by most competitors. Despite recent attempts by competitors to copy our concepts or minimize their own problems, there are no better modular sports surfaces than PowerGameTM and its related product “SportGame”TM. When it comes to traction and playability—and eliminating skin abrasion—no other products are even in the same league.
For over 35 years our performance has been tested and selected by the NCAA, NBA, FIBA, iHoops, USTA, US Soccer Foundation, Olympics, and most other leading sports organizations. They each can choose any surface in the world, but they choose Sport Court – Shouldn’t you?